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Get sharp pictures ANYWHERE without a bulky tripod!
Replace your Monopod with a SteadePod!  

THE SteadePod is a new product that is revolutionizing how pictures are taken.  It's an ingenious design that takes the place of a monopod without the bulk and weight. Weighing-in at a miniscule 3.2 ounces, and only 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3/4", the SteadePod fits in your shirt pocket, camera bag or just about anywhere.

Use instead of a tripod for your camera or camcorder for great photos and video! Compact and lightweight, easy to use and quick to set up; take it with you anywhere for steady images in low light, long exposure or high zoom situations. And it's covered by a Lifetime Service Policy.

Attach a SteadePod to your camera and take shots you never thought you could without a tripod or monopod. Simply attach to your camera, extend and anchor the foot pad, pull to place a small amount of tension in the cable and you have a steady picture! And it swivels for horizontal or vertical pictures.

Easy to use, the small amount of cable tension keeps your camera steady for low light, long exposure or high zoom situations. Even places where you can't take tripods or monopods. Perfect for travel, sporting events, hiking, museums, etc.,etc.

Here's how it works: •
A 1/4" x 20 thumbscrew attaches to the tripod socket on your camera. •
A 6 foot stainless-steel cable pulls out of the SteadePod. On the end of this cable is a "foot pad" that you use to anchor under your foot or on your belt loop. •
You extend the cable to the length you need and lock it in place with the lock button. •
By applying slight upward pressure on the cable, you stabilize your camera vertically.

SteadePod Camera Accessory $24.99

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