Senior Photo Graduation Folios

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Choose from two of the most popular leatherette folios with embossed ''Senior'' foil on the cover.
Our Achievement in 4x5-8 or Commencement 4x5-8 or 4x6-8 Photo Folios.
Each photo folio features 8 photos inside with two layout options and a variety of mat and foil colors.
Either folio contains all vertical ''8V'' photos or ''8VH.''
VH stands for vertical/horizontal and refers to the 4 openings in the center panel.
PLEASE See ''More Images'' link above under the photo for details on each folio.

Commencement Folios

• Has Cursive style SENIOR on the front cover. 

• Available in either 4x5 or 4x6 photos.

• 4x5-8V $26.00 each

• 4x5-8VH $26.00 each

• 4x6-8V & 8VH $29.00 each

4x6-8V & 8VH $29.00 each

• 4x6-4 $25.00 each

4x6-6 $25.00 each

Black/Black/Gold (BBG)

Black/Black/Silver (BBS) 
Sorry - Satin Commencement Folios are BACK ORDERED Until April 19th!

Achievement Leather Folios

• Has Block style SENIOR on the front cover. 

• Only available in 4x5 size photos.
Black/Black/Silver (BBS) 3 VH in stock; 3 V in stock
Black/Pewter/Silver (BPS) 3 VH in-stock
4x5-8V or 8VH $26.00 each

Graduate Folios

The center openings in the photo folder will accept either a horizontal or a vertical photo

• Inside folio has a Cap & Graduate Certificate foil stamped. No ''Senior'' on the cover

Black/Black/Silver (BBS)

Black/Black/Gold (BBG)

Graduate 4x5-8 Folios Simulated leather $26.00 each


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