Smartphone Tripod Mount

Item #: MAS1
Our Price: $29.95


• FINALLY, a handle to aim your smartphone at a subject that reuires only ''one-hand.''
• Our Smartphone Mount is a thin plastic pad that you attach to your mobile phone case.
• Can be attached permanantly or simi-permanantly. An adhesive pad attaches to case.
• No distracting mounts to interfere with your case while attached!

• A small light-weight folding tripod helps improve your photos and do keyboard work on a table-top.
• The pads can be placed on your case to better match the mobile phones lens location and difference size cases. 
• The threaded pad allows it to be placed on a standard tripod or any 1/4-20 mounting devices. 
• It's design allows it to be attached to tablets and many of the smaller ebook readers. 

• Each Kit comes with 1- Plastic Mount and folding tripod. $29.95 FREE SHIPPING

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