Wallet Photo Die Cutters and Paper Cutters

Photo Wallet and Die Cutter
• Precision crafted photo cutter, offers interchangeable dies.
• Easily punches through photo paper, magnetic material or pressure sensitive paper of varied thicknesses.
• Cutter includes one die of your choice.
• All dies come with radius corners, call for custom dies without radius corners.
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Photo Wallet and Die Cutter
2-1/2'' x 3-1/2'' Horizontal or Vertical Photo Die with radius corners for our Table Top Cutter.

• Add this wallet size photo die to your die cutter for and save a ton of time!

9933D 2-1/2'' x 3-1/2'' Horizontal Photo Die $119.00
9933DV 2-1/2'' x 3-1/2'' Vertical Photo Die $119.00
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Photo Punches and Photo Die Cutters
Our Handheld Photo Punches are manufactured for precision cuts and reliability.
• Hand Held Punches fit comfortably in your hands are simple to use yet lightweight.
• Many photo punches work with our photo keytags, keychaines, photo bobble heads & photo novelties.
Most come standard with radius corners.
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Photo Button Cutter
• Adjustable Rotary Button Cutter or Creativity Cutter.
• Adjustable Rotary includes:
• Switch between five size positions for cutting images for our line of photo buttons.
• Sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/4", 3" and 3-1/2" or any size between 1-1/4" to 4" diam.
• Metal image cutting base.
• Includes three templates for specific circle sizes.
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Photo Buttons and Button Makers
Opens the door to endless "extra profits"
• sports
• schools and booster clubs
• political
• animal shows
• conventions
• carnivals
• advertising
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Photo Buttons and Button Makers
Highest quality photo button parts are the most accurate sized in the industry.
We guarantee no nesting, oil, or denting of parts.
• Parts come complete with fronts, backs with clip and Mylar.
• Available here in 3''. See links for other sizes available.
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Photo Magnet Material
• Mount your photos with a variety of different sized magnets.
• Remove the protective paper backing and stick your image.
• Easily trim your photo magnets if you have to.
• Our photo magnets are a thick 20-30 mils. each.
• Need a special size, call toll-free for your custom size or roll.
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Photo Magnet Sheets Self-Adhesive
• Peel back the paper and place your photo.
• Some trimming may be required.
• Cutting the photo to size, can be done with our iMARK Die Cutting equipment or a sharp razor.
Three stock sizes available:
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Handheld Photo Trimmer

Handheld Rotary Photo Trimmer

• Smooth rolling trimmer for all kinds of free-form cuts.
• Rotating head offers 5 locking preset positions to provide optimum pressure on the materials you're trimming.
• Sleek, ergonomically-designed handle can be used with either right or left hand.
• Thumb-activated retractable safety cover helps prevent injury during trimming.
• Quick-change blade axle with automatic blade tensioner makes it easy to change or replace cutting blades.