The 21st Century Guide to Portraiture

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The 21st Century Guide to Portraiture is the work of more than 50,
mostly Master Photographers, who are contributing their artistry for
the purpose of helping their fellow photographers improve their
expertise, their prestige and their income.

The 21st Century Guide contains 250 exquisite full-color pages.
The guide is a loose-leaf working manual divided into 15 categories
of Portraiture including "Great Ideas." Great Ideas is a book within
a book with not only photo examples but also promotional plans
you can customize to your own needs:

• Boudoir
• Children
• Environmental
• Seniors
• Men Women
• Weddings
• Groups
• Life Styles
• Special Effects
• Pets
• Sports
• Live Performance
• Fine Art
• Great Ideas


250 Page 21st Century Guide to Portraiture  $89.95