Photo/Video Umbrellas Reflectors Softboxes Stands

Photo/Video Umbrellas Reflectors Softboxes Light Stands
Photographic and video lighting supplies at wholesale prices. Photo Video Lighting Umbrellas reflectors, soft boxes and light stands for studio or location projects. Variety of lighting umbrellas reflectors, soft boxes, light stands.
Eclipse Photo Video Umbrellas
• The Eclipse design is a patented umbrella with the ability to eliminate a "ghost" image due to the exposed ribs of other umbrellas.
• It's interior designed and flat panel reflects a neutral color different than others.
• Convert the ''bounce'' feature of this umbrella into a shoot through translucent diffuser by simply removing its black cover.
• Our exclusive designed flat panel produces a full f-stop gain over white umbrellas.
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Photo Video Large Umbrellas
• SUPER large umbrellas provide enough light to cover a large space.
• One or two umbrellas will produce ample source for full length portraits.
• Umbrellas feature 16 panels and ribs. Other smaller styles have only 8.
• Soft white style can be used a translucent shoot through.
Choose from soft white or white with black backing. Includes a slip case.
PS-3499 75in Soft White $79.99
PS-3475 75in Black/White $109.99
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Photo Reflector Adjustable Arm

Photo Reflector Arm Holder

• Adjusts from 6 inches up to 68 inches.
• The holder attaches to a standard light stand.
• Features a double ball joint controlled by a single handle.
• May be adjusted to any angle.
• The reflector arm adjust to fit the size of the reflector.
• Also features quick squeeze grips for the reflector.
Umbrella Bracket Photo Video
Bracket allows the mounting of an umbrella or flash unit.
Made to accept a variety of flash shoes via an adjustable locking foot.
Add any of our wireless triggers for added flexibility in your flash photography.
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Photo Video Soft Box Reflector
Attaches to your strobe bracket with umbrella shaft, no adapter needed!
• Unlike an umbrella, each box includes a diffusion panel that softens the light just like a soft box.
•Universal Reflector Photo Soft Box fits most monolite currently sold.
• Comes in two sizes and includes a storage pouch.
PS3530 33'' Reflector Soft Box $33.00
PS3540 40'' Reflector Soft Box $35.00
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Photo Umbrella Soft Box
• Unit attaches to your strobe bracket just like an umbrella.
• Designed as a shoot-thru diffuser to create a soft lighting effect.
• Universal Reflector Soft Box is made to fit any monolite.
• Two sizes available.
Includes a useful storage pouch.
PS3510 33'' Umbrella Soft Box $33.00
PS3520 40'' Umbrella Soft Box $35.00
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Speedlite Soft Box
• Softbox unfolds for quick simple setup without any rods.
• Speedlite Softbox measures 15'' square designed to diffuse and soften the quality of the light every use.
• A fully adjustable flash mount places the speedlight properly for maximum spread.
• An attached cowl attaches to the speedlight with velcro and a drawstring to prevent light leaks on the back.
• Two optional extension poles to hand-hold the unit instead of mounting on a stand.
PS-4033 softbox & 7ft 4 section light stand $149.95
Light Stands Photo Video
Light Stands for all of your video and photography needs.
• Black aluminum quality manufactured photographic light stands for studio or location work.
• Smart design for great stability and a longer life under steady use.
• Each stand is engineered for maintenance free performance and an untouchable price.
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Photo Video Gaffers Tape
• Cloth tape allows a clean removal without any residue.
• 2'' x 180' hand tearable, non-reflective matte finish.
• Gaffer Tape comes in black, grey or white.
• Spring clamps are 4'' or 6'' with cushion grips.
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Photo Video Boom Stand
• This 2 section 8 ft. telescoping boom stand is made from Nickel plated steel and includes a 10.5lb counter weight.
• The stand and arm have locking collette and knobs.
• 5/8'' - 3/8'' reversible stud with 1/4-20 screw.
• Stand has a 7' max height and the boom has 10.5lb load.
PS-1115 Boom Stand Med Weight $249.00
Photo Video Boom Arm
• This heavy duty boom stand is made from lightweight black anodized aluminum.
• Arm extends to 7' 2'' features a non-slip twist lock for easy changes.
• Boom arm has wide leg base and a 10-pound counter-weight.
PS04LSDB01 Boom Arm Photo Lighting Heavy Duty Iron Base $149.00
Photo Video Boom Arm
• 85 inch 2 Sec Wall Mount Boom Arm.
• Mount this 2-section boom arm to a wall with a 3-1/2" x 12" mounting plate.
• 1st section is 35mm diameter, second section is 29''.
• Heavy duty wall boom supports up to 8 lbs of photo video equipment.
• Telescoping sections from 45-82” and swivels 180° up and down and 180° left and right.
• Includes 5/8" spigot with 1/4x20 and 3/8" reversible screw thread studs.
• Includes 3 cable clips.
PS-1117 Wall Mount Boom Arm $189.00
Photo Video Sandbags
• Sandbag Counterweight, orange stripes easy to see in a darkened studio, prevents accidents.
• This sandbag produces a counterweight effect by filling the two pockets with sand (sand not included.).
• Hang this sandbag from a boom arm with the built-in hook.
• Includes a heavy duty handle with a sewn-in metal reinforcement plate.
• Overall size is 9.5x20.5 inches.
• Each pocket is 9.5x9 inches.
Light Stand/Tripod Dolly Photo Video
• Tripods and light stands become increasingly maneuverable with this heavy duty dolly.
• The feet rests are adjustable up to 17” from the center.
• The foot locks adjust up to 2”.
• This dolly is compatible with almost any tripod or light stand.
• Easily track your subject in any direction on the effortlessly rolling 3" wheels.
• Easy to use foot locks will keep your tripod or light stand securely in place.
• Easy to set up or break down thanks to the quick-release pins.
• Complete with a built-in carry handle.
• Closes to a compact 7” x 21” for storage or transport.