Photo Video Umbrella Brackets

Item #: DL
Our Price: $18.95
Bracket Model  


Bracket allows the mounting of an umbrella or flash unit.
Made to accept a variety of flash shoes via an adjustable locking foot.
Add any of our wireless triggers for added flexibility in your flash photography.

Photo Video Umbrella Bracket
• Male & female posts are reversible for either US or European threads.
• Umbrella angle can be adjusted up to 180°.
• Light weight yet durable design.
DL318 Umbrella Flash Bracket $18.95

Video Photo Umbrella Holder 18
• Holder accepts up to 3/8'' umbrellas shafts.
• Made to lock securely by a retaining spring and lock.
• Made to be used on stands 5/8” studs.
• Can be tilted 180° thru a saw-tooth locking design.
DL-0318 Flash & Umbrella Holder $23.50

Photo Video Umbrella Holder 19
• Adjustment handle allows the photographer to set horizontal or vertical positions.
• The poly carbonate shoe accepts a variety of popular portable flashes.
• A 1/4-20 male thread is available under the unit.
• Removing a spigot allows the use of female 3/8” thread and 1/4-20 brass bushing for tripods or light stands.
• Also mount directly to a stand with a 3/8” or 5/8” spigot.
DL-0319 Flash & Umbrella Holder 19 $35.00

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