Light Stand/Tripod Dolly Photo Video

Item #: PS-1099
Our Price: $45.95


• Tripods and light stands become increasingly maneuverable with this heavy duty dolly.
• The feet rests are adjustable up to 17” from the center.
• The foot locks adjust up to 2”.
• This dolly is compatible with almost any tripod or light stand.
• Easily track your subject in any direction on the effortlessly rolling 3" wheels.
• Easy to use foot locks will keep your tripod or light stand securely in place.
• Easy to set up or break down thanks to the quick-release pins.
• Complete with a built-in carry handle.
• Closes to a compact 7” x 21” for storage or transport.

PS-1099 Light Stand/Tripod Dolly $45.95

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