iPhone Steadicam® Smoothee®

Our Price: $149.99


Shoot videos and sharp pictures with a smooth motion everywhere.
Designed for the following mobile devices & cameras:
• Apple® iPhone 3Gs
• Apple® iPhone 4/4S
• Apple® iPhone 5
• iPod Touch
• GoPro Hero®
• Other device mounts may be available in the future! 

The Smoothee is a mini version of steady cams found in Hollywood that prevents shaky shots you get from hand-holding a video camera..

The Steadicam Smoothee helps you create smooth pans and tilts from your video camera.
• Take the Smoothee on vacations or sporting events for a professional look.
• A variety of camera mounts are available for your device!
• Create smooth moves on steps, in crowded anywhere a steady-controlled video is required. 

• Swap multiple cameras with quick release connections mounts.

• Fold up hand-grip for compact storage and transport.
• Each Smoothee comes with one camera mount, belt-clip and user guide.

iPhone Steadicam® Smoothee® $149.99

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