Way Kewl Srs 2

Item #: WKS2
Our Price: $49.00


You want to offer awesome digital products to your clients, but don't want to take forever to learn Photoshop, and don't have time to spend to create a series of layouts?
WAY KEWL to the Rescue!
Whether you're a Photoshop neophyte or expert, WAY KEWL TEMPLATES are for you. Preset layouts are designed for you to simply drop your portraits into. For the more experienced, most templates are easily modified. Easy to follow directions and finished example wkimages make it quick and easy to create your own digital products in minutes. Output to your own printer or send your files to your favorite digital lab. Your quality portraiture and our WAY KEWL Templates can command a premium price, making offering digital a VERY profitable add-on to your traditional product lines.
Seniors 2 Contains layouts for 9 - 8x10, 8 wallets $49.00