Special Dyed Green Chroma-Key Muslin

Item #: 1512
Our Price: $129.00


Special Dyed Green Chroma-Key Muslin

• For the newest, most durable, unique and beautiful muslin, Pro Studio has it!
• Through intensive dying processes, we've produced a superior muslin to enhance your portraits.
• Each muslin has a 6" pocket for a cross-bar.
• Muslins are machine-washable but may show some fading after multiple washings.
• Choose from 10 Ft. x 16 Ft. (3 x 3.6m) and 10 Ft. x 24 Ft. (3 x 7.3m).
• Each Muslin is packed in a sturdy carry bag dyed in the same pattern as the muslin itself.

PS151200 10x16 Muslin $129.00
PS151210 10x24 Muslin $189.00

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