Magnetic Hematite Photo Bracelets #3

Item #: 76
Our Price: $102.00
Bracelet Style  


Beautifully designed self-assembly photo bracelets combine the elegance
of unique semi-precious stones with the health benefits of magnetic hematite.

• Hand crafted hematite bracelets cause the iron in our blood to act as a conductor
of the magnetic field, thus producing magnetic energy.
• Purportedly improves blood flow which in turn increases the efficiency of oxygen &
nutrient delivery to the tissues.
• Mini photos easily slip into the designated areas to create a keepsake jewelry piece.

7680 Olivine Stone 13/16''x13/16'' 3 photos $102.00/12 bracelets
7682 Orange Cat's Eye 13/16''x13/16'' 3 photos $102.00/12 bracelets
7684 Black Cat's Eye 13/16''x13/16'' 3 photos $102.00/12 bracelets
7686 Aquamarine 13/16''x13/16'' 3 photos $102.00/12 bracelets
Cutting the photos is easy with our PS9810 Hand Punch, see Hand Held Punches for details.

WARNING If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep magnets away from credit cards,
watches & pacemakers.