Infinity Vinyl Photo Background 9' x 10' - 9' x 20'

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• Vinyl backgrounds - ''INFINITY'' are Savage exclusive style indestructible materials.
• A solution for video capture and the serious photographer.
• Vinyl backdrop means no more torn seamless or soiled muslins.
• Vinyl can be cleaned through a variety of basic supplies and endure.
• Each roll contains a core to keep the material safe and tight.
• We strongly recommend our heaviest duty support stands or roller supports from a wall or ceiling!
• For more details, try a toll-free call.

Select a color and suitable size:
Pure White 9'x10' $139.00 each.
Matte Black 9'x10' $159.00 each.
Chroma Green 9'x10' $159.00 each.
Photo Gray 9'x10' $159.00 each.

Pure White 9'x20' $259.00 each.
Matte Black 9'x20' $298.00 each.
Chroma Green 9'x20' $298.00 each.
Photo Gray 9'x20' $298.00 each.

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