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Tiffen Dfx Digital Filter Suite

The Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite is the definitive set of digital optical filters. Up to 1000 filters, including simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction plus natural light and photographic effects--are now in a controlled digital environment with either 8 or 16 bits per channel processing.

Available in 3 configurations: as a powerful but user friendly standalone application, or as plug-ins for either still imaging or video and film post production software, Tiffen Dfx filters, expands your creative experience. Dfx provides you with everything you will need to enhance your images using a staggering amount of filter presets. Using the Dfx Standalone version, any filter can be limited to a portion of the screen using sophisticated but simple to use masking controls. A layering system to apply multiple filters as well as a batch processing system rounds out Dfx’s set of tools.

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, a video or film editor, or graphic designer, Dfx’s visual workflow and easy to use tools will help you create stunning images.

Dfx is comprised of the following filters: Auto Adjust, Black and White, Black/White Looks, Black Diffusion/FX®, Black Pro-Mist®, Bleach Bypass, Blur, Bronze Glimmerglass®, Center Spot, Chromatic Aberration, Color Compensating, Color Conversion, Color Correct, Color-Grad®, Color Infrared, Color Looks, Color Spot, Cool Pro-Mist®, Cross Processing, Day for Night, Defog, Defringe, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Double Fog, Dual Grad, Edge Glow, Enhancing, Faux Film, Flashing, Fluorescent, Fog, F-Stop, GamColor Gels, Gels, Glimmerglass®, Glow, Gold Diffusion/FX®, Gold Reflector, Grain, Halo, HDTV/FX®, Infrared, Kelvin, Lens Distortion, Light, Light Balancing, Low Contrast, Mono Tint, ND-Grad, Night Vision, Nude/FX®, Old Photo, Overexpose, Ozone, Paint, Pencil, Photographic Filters, Polarizer, Printer Points, Pro-Mist®, Rack Focus, Radial Exposure, ReLight, Rosco Gels, Selective Color Correct, Selective Saturation, Sharpen, Silver Reflector, Smoque®, Soft/FX®, Split Field, Split Tone, Star, Streaks, Strip Grad, Sunset/Twilight, Telecine, Temperature, Three Strip, Tint, Two Strip, Ultra Contrast, Vari-Star, Vignette, Warm Black Pro-Mist®, Warm Pro-Mist®, Warm Soft/FX® and X-Ray.

DFX Features
• 94 individual filters
• Thousands of customizable presets
• Simulation of Tiffen glass camera filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain, exacting color correction as well as natural light and photographic effects
• Rosco and GamColor Gel libraries
• GamColor Gobo pattern library for lighting effects
• Paint system that includes Color, Clone and Red-Eye Removal brushes
• Image effects including non-destructive Crop, Rotate and Scale
• Layering system for multiple filter application
• Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools
• Variation generator for effect parameters
• Batch processing
• Color management using ICC profiles
• 8 or 16 bit image processing
• Exchangeable Image File Format (Exif)
• Camera RAW, TIFF, JPEG as well as Kodak Cineon and DPX file formats
• Multi-processor acceleration

DFXCMPV4 Stand-alone Edition Package $149.95
DFXPCV4 Photo Plug-in (Photoshop-Lightroom-Aperture) $499.95


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