Collapsible Photo Backdrops

Reversible Pop Open backdrops
• Lightweight, collapsible Twistflex backgrounds are perfect for any photographic applications.
• These functional backgrounds collapse into a handy carry sack.
• When stored, they require a small footprint allowing ease of transporting.
• Each reversible background coordinated to enhance your next portrait, ID, prom or event shoot.
• Each backdrop features a spring steel frame that keeps the backdrop taught and stands on it's own.
• Made to hang from a light stand leaned against a wall or held onto by an assistant.
• Choose from a double sided selection of useful colors.
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Collapsible Photo Backdrop Support

• A 3-section aluminum stand with secure compression locks.
• Top features a 5/8”, 3/8”, 1/4-20” stud.
• Center column has heavy-duty 33mm dia center column.
• Maximum height is 10ft with a 53’’ leg spread
• Holds up to 12.5lbs. Can be used as a regular light stand.