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Place our camera-mountable universal smartphone holder and articulating arm in your cold-shoe.
• A spring-loaded SmartClip can hold your device up to 3” wide.
• Each clip has non-skid pads to protect your smartphone or device firmly in place.
• The SmartClip is attached to the camera by either a 7'' or 11'' articulating arms.
• A cold shoe mount connects the arms to your camera.  

Many ways to use the Catch-A-Smile:
• Produce a video from the camera's POV of a wedding, event or any photo shoot simultaneously.
• As a tele-promter display for DSLR video shooting.
• Catch-A-Smile is a great attention grabber of children, pets and other subjects.
• Play a favorite App or video on the smartphone.
• Creates an monitor for the photographer or subject to see images as they are shot.

Choose from an 11'' or 7'' Articulating Arms.
A SmartClip holds your Smartphone or device up to 3" wide
Constructed of lightweight durable aluminum
Engineered to remain stable as the camera is jostled and rotated
Non-Slip interior pads on the SmartClip to protect and secure device

CAS11 Catch-A-Smile 11'' $55.95

CAS07 Catch-A-Smile 7'' $49.95

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