Articulating Arms

Item #: DL-39
Our Price: $34.95
Arm Sizes  


• Add a set of articulating arms to our Pico Dolly or for anything you need specially placed.
• Arms have two machined metal sections.
• The lower section has a locking accessory cold shoe mount.
• Or remove the shoe and use it with either a 1/4x20 female or male thread.
• There is a ball joint on the base allowing it to swivel in most any direction.
• The top section also has a ball joint and a threaded 1/4x20 post.
• The large knurled knob allows you to loosen both ball joints, top and bottom.
• Move the arms into whatever position you desire, and lock everything up with the twist of one knurled knob.
• Simple to use, yet extremely versatile design.
• Available in two lengths: 7" and 11" heights.

DL-0390 7 Inch Articulating Arm $34.95
DL-0392 11 Inch Articulating Arms $39.95