3-in-1 Wireless Remote

Item #: PS-RM
Our Price: $17.95
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3-in-1 Wireless Remote

• 3-in-1 Wireless Remote Control is a very versatile wireless trigger that can be used to:
• Release the shutter of a digital camera up to 300 feet away.
• Fire a studio flash such as a monolite.
• Fire a speedlite up to 100 feet away.
• Features 16 channels
• Receiver can mount to an accessory shoe, a light stand or a tripod.
• Features a hot shoe to accept speedlites.
• PC cord is included if speedlite does not have a hot shoe.
• Transmitter has a hot shoe to make mounting on the camera easy and secure.

3-in-1 Wireless Remote Kits

PS-RM1/C3         3-in-1 Remote for Canon (3 Pin) $104.95

PS-RM1/D90       3in1 Remote f/Nik D600,D7000,D5100 $104.95

PS-RM1/N10       3-in-1 Remote for Nikon N10 $104.95

PS-RM1/R           3-in-1 Receiver Only (No Cam Cord) $64.95

PS-RMC/D90       2.5mm to Nikon D90, D5000 $17.95

PS-RMC/N10       2.5mm to Nikon Pro (10 Pin) $17.95

PS-RMC/NA         2.5mm to Nikon (D70s, D80) $17.95

PS-RMC/O           2.5mm to Olympus DSLR $17.95

PS-RMC/S           2.5mm to Sony (alpha) $17.95

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