Vinyl Photo Backgrounds

Vinyl Photo Video Backdrops
• Vinyl backgrounds are a Superior thick 13 mil material for long-life.
• Great high-key lighting with this smooth durable vinyl.
• The BEST alternative to seamless paper lasting many years if kept properly.
• Washes clean with soap and water.
Matte White 107'' x 20 ft. Vinyl Background $550.00
Matte Black 107'' x 20 ft. Vinyl Background $550.00
Chroma-Key Green 107'' x 20 ft. Vinyl Background $550.00
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Graduated Photo Backgrounds

Graduated Photo Backgrounds

Create distinctive eye catching photographs with our Graduated Backgrounds. A smooth graudated color pattern generates a view from light to dark or dark to light in a series of colors. Each backdrop is non-absorbant PVC so it won't be effected by water or other stain causing materials and can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and soft cloth. Each background is individually handmade to a non-glare silky matte surface. Graduated Backgrounds are avialble in 31'' x 43'' or 43'' x 67'' as marked.

31'' x 43'' Graduated Backgrounds $59.00 each
43'' x 67'' Graduated Backgrounds $99.00 each

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