Tilting TTL Cords

Item #: PS-044
Our Price: $33.00


Finally, a TTL cord with a tilt feature.
• No more ruining close up shots because you were unable to get complete coverage on the subject.
• This cord is compatible with any accessory shoe or light stand.
• To connect, remove the locking screw from your accessory shoe and screw the cord into the 1/4-20 female thread.
• Works as if it's mounted directly to your camera.

PS-0440/1 for Canon 1 meter $33.00
PS-0440/2 for Canon 2 meter $43.00
PS-0441/1 for Nikon 1 meter $33.00
PS-0441/2 for Nikon 2 meter $43.00
PS-0442/1 for Olympus 1 meter $33.00
PS-0442/2 for Olympus 2 meter $43.00
PS-0443/1 for Sony 1 meter $33.00
PS-0443/2 for Sony 2 meter $43.00
PS-0444/1 for Pentax 1 meter $33.00
PS-0444/2 for Pentax 2 meter $43.00