Speedlite BeautiDish System

Item #: PS-37
Our Price: $43.95


The new RPS Studio Speedlite BeautiDish Kit is packed with everything you need for your pictures to stand out.
• Basic system includes a 12” dish, two deflectors, a translucent one and an aluminum one, and diffusing fabric.
• It also comes with a tilting mounting bracket, a retaining ring, and a 1/4-20 to 3/8 insert adapter.
• Can be mounted on a light stand, tripod or an extension handle.
• There are also several accessories included with the kit
• A 16” square softbox (there are no steel rods to insert), A 12” honeycomb grid, A conical snoot with honeycomb grid, A speedring that compatible with 4 and/or 8 rib softboxes, And two handheld extension poles, short or long.
• Behold the system that will make your pictures leave a lasting impression.

PS-3700 12" BeautiDish Kit $129.95
PS-3710 12" Honeycomb Grid $54.95
PS-3714 Conical Snoot w/Honeycomb Grid $49.95
PS-3716 16x16" Softbox $43.95