Camera Tripods

Regalite Camera Stand
The Regalite Six camera support stand offers an exceptional value for the budget conscientious photographer who wants a sturdy yet lightweight stand having maximum mobility and portability. The Regalite will support all cameras up to 4x5. An Anti-Drop brake ensures your camera will never drop. Large 4" locking casters. Camera heights from floor level to 6' Accepts standard camera heads (Not Included)
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Camera Stand Accessories

Regalite Camera Stand Accessories

Add the following accessories to your Regalite Stand purchase.
Choose from the following options:
• Steel Platform to our Regalite Stand for your many accessories.
• Add a platform on the arm for your lenses, storage cards, meters etc.
• 3-Way Pan Tilt head to your Regal Stand.
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Tripod/Light Stand Bag
• This bag is designed to hold the tripod as well as accessories in the front pouch.
• The zipper goes all around the top and side of the bag.
• Includes adjustable strap and handle.
• PS-3180 fits tripods or light stands up to 26 inches in length x 6 inches in dia.
• PS-3182 fits tripods or light stands up to 29 inches in length x 9 inches in dia.
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