Nissin Di600 TTL Photo Flash

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Nissin Di600 TTL Photo Flash, For Canon or Nikon
• A high-quality portable flash for Canon with bounce and swivel of 90 degrees up/down and 270 degrees horizontally.
• Powerful guide numbers: 145 (ISO 200)
• TTL FLASH - Di600 uses Canon's E-TTL, E-TTLII system, and Nikon's i-TTL system for ultimate power control.
• Wide flash coverage from 14mm to 70mm lens. The flash head reflector position stays at 70mm for longer lenses.
WIRELESS REMOTE FLASH - Di600 has a wireless remote slave unit. There are 3 slave modes.
POWER ZOOM - A specialized motor follows the lens movement perfectly as the camera manufacturer's original flash model.
VARIABLE POWER - Choose from six power settings in manual mode for any lighting situation. Choose from full power (G.No.145) down to 1/32nd power in 1.0Ev increments.
AF ASSIST BEAM - Even in dark or dim light situations, a red light is used to help the camera's focus sensor to focus properly.
FLASH POWER LOCK SYSTEM - The Di600 is compatible with either the FE lock (Canon) or FV lock (Nikon) system.
REAR CURTAIN SYNCHRO - Nikon and some Canon camera's have the ability set the flash for rear curtain synch
RED EYE REDUCTION - For Nikon cameras only, a special beam is used to prevent the red-eye.

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