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Digital Sports Photography: Take Winning Shots Every Time
Serge Timacheff, David Karlins
You can freeze that one moment in time
Sports photography gets you up close and personal with the action you crave, the athletes you idolize, or the activities that make memories for your children. It also provides plenty of frustration for amateurs and professionals alike. How do you shoot on a rainy day? What about the crowd at the finish line? Can you capture the tension as the ball trembles on the rim? You can, with the professional advice these experts provide. No matter what your sport or level of expertise, this book can make you a better digital sports photographer.
* Benefit from the advice of more than 20 top sports photographers, including Terrell Lloyd, official photographer for the San Francisco 49ers
* Learn to handle bad lighting, weather, fast-moving athletes, flash limitations, and other challenges
* Identify key things to consider when switching from film to digital
* Get specific advice on how to shoot a wide range of sports: extreme, outdoor, indoor, competitive, recreational, & more
* Discover ways to sell your photos and manage legal issues
* See dozens of full-color examples illustrating professional tips and techniques
* Take great photos with any kind of digital camera, from a point-and-shoot to an SLR
* Find out how to get photos onto the Web easily and quickly.
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DUM441 Digital Sports Photography $29.99

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