Lacquer Mat Photographic Sprays

Item #: LL
Our Price: $13.65


• Lacquer-Mat's photographic lacquers have been manufactured for over 30 years. Our sprays are known for their outstanding protection for photographers and artists. Our lacquers have made your work more valuable and archival.
• Lacquer-Mat has provided the highest quality sprays for over 30 years with the best finishes for retouching, superior gloss and tough surfaces.
• Our Spray Textures give a premium pebble finishes by aerosol can or spray gun.
• You can trust our lacquers won't leave spotting or lifting of artwork surfaces.
• Our cans deliver more coating and dry faster than any brands available.

Select from the following styles we've based our reputation on:

Flat-Matte Finish (orange label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $13.65
Durable flat finish. Tones down contrast while reducing surface reflections on photographs.

Satina (red label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $13.65 (Semi-matte similar to "N" surface).
Satiny finish and superior surface protective with no scuff! A normal gloss surface.

Pearl (green label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $13.65 (Similar to "E" surface)
Luster, semi gloss finish - Best for protecting high key photography. Clear finish will not scuff or veil shadow detail.

Suede-Matte Retouch (yellow label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $13.65
Creates a smooth suede surface for pencil retouching. Preps surface pastel, oil, more pencil and air brush.

Photo Spray Texture (purple label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $14.65 (Similar to "F" surface)
Best for quick texturing a photo. Can be applied over all our lacquers.

Diamond Gloss Finish (black label) 20oz Aerosol Cans $13.65
Gloss finish for great shadow detail and a very hard crystal clear gloss surface.

Photo Brush Texture Spray (blue label) 20 fluid oz. Aerosol Cans $42.15
Create brush strokes and special effects with natural bristle brush or palette knife. Will make photographs difficult to copy!
This spray has the Hazardous Shipping Fee built into it's price