Hand Painted Canvas Photo Backgrounds

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Our Price: $229.00


A NEW unique opportunity from a private inventory of high quality hand painted canvas backdrops.
• Each backdrop was produced for corporate clients for use in commercials and print ads.
• Painted by a professional Fine Artist with over 35yrs experience creating fine art, backdrops, scenery & sets for a prestigious list of commercial clients.
• A partial client list includes: G.E. Medical Systems, Harley-Davidson, Kohl's Department Store, Kohler Company, Lands End, Masterlock, Miller Brewing Company to name a few.
Over 100 unique high quality backdrops currently priced at 50% to 75% off original value* while supply lasts.  Prices starting at $229.
*The original value was $10 to $12 per sq ft for the Mottled backdrops and $12 to $25 per sq ft or more for the scenery, depending on complexity & materials used.
Most will require a truck shipment to your location and a sturdy background holder or roller system!
Please contact us with your address to receive a freight quote.

Featured backdrops found in the images above:
M1026B - 6'x9' hand painted warm toned mottled canvas.
Original value $750 -- Sale price $229
L5009 - 8'x10' hand painted canvas romantic garden scene with column & wisteria vine.
Original value $2000 -- Sale price $576
S6011 - 9' x12'  hand painted Canvas - blue sky with cumulus clouds.
Original value $2200 -- Sale price $615
FM 3007 - 7'x10' hand painted faux marble canvas - beige marble with rust veins.
Original value $1200 -- Sale price $459
A 4015 - 10' x15' hand painted translucent muslin workout room interior - can be back lit or front lit
for 2 different lighting effects. [Created for Snap On Tool last Mini calendar]
Original value $3000 -- Sale price $1155