EXPAN Drive - Motorized

Item #: 850
Our Price: $300.00


Attach a motorized Expan Drive, up to six, into a hook set for a motorized roller system.
Attach an Alu-Core between them when you need a core for your background.

Manfrotto Motorized Background Expan Roll Drive includes Motor & Roller. Each unit is supplied in sets
(one set = 1 passive roller and 1 active motor drive). Each drive has a heavy duty motor to allow operation
of heavy backgrounds (up to 12kg). Smooth operation thanks to cardan - type clutch. Equipped with hall-effect
electronic position sensors, enable positioning precision down to 1/3 of a turn.
Very easy to install - just plug in jacks. Cable to Main control Unit 1.5 meter length.

PS3032 Motorized Background Expan Drive $300.00