Video Photo ''LED'' Light 256

Item #: DL-DV256
Our Price: $189.95


• A compact LED Light rated at 5600°K daylight Color!
• A wide face gives coverage for video and photography.
• Two slip-in panels provide light diffusion or 3200° kelvin temperature.
• Dimmer switch lets you change from full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 power.
• Shoe mount has ball head and 1/4-20 thread to attach to camera or lightstands.
• Mount multiple units together for more light with an attachment on top..
• Battery gives 2 hours with a Sony Li-Ion battery.
• Plug into wall for AC and a 110V or 220V battery charger.

DL-DV256 Video Photo ''LED'' Light 256 $189.95