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Photo Video LED Lights

The SlimPanel Two Light Kit creates professional-quality soft light with top-notch color balance that is perfect for person and object photography. Its slim design makes it easy to transport or stow, as well as working in tight areas where little space is available. The SlimPanel Bi-Color features adjustable temperature and dimmer controls that change with the push of a button, to create soft and even or harsh and wild light; perfect for any atmosphere you wish to convey! Available in Daylight Kit (PS401619) or Bi-Color Kit (PS4017)

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Continuous Light Photo Video Kit
The Studio 1000 Watt Digital/Video/Photo Continuous Light Kit gives
the photographer added ease of operation in studio or on location as this kit
features variable light output from full power continuously down to 1/4 power.
This can be very convenient on location as it is not always possible to move a
light.PS-5510 1000W Photo/Video Kit $359.00 FREE SHIPPING
Continuous Photo Video Light
CooLED 150C Vari Color Temp

A very convenient feature of the RPS Studio Variable Color CooLED 150C Watt LED Light is the wireless RF remote that turns the unit on/off and adjusts the dimmer up to 100 feet away. A large LED read out tells you at what power level the light is set.

This all metal housing light accepts standard Bowen’s style accessories, standard umbrellas, and the included 7” reflector with removable diffuser. There is a handle on the back of the housing, and a safety lock on the light stand receptacle which will receive spigots up to ⅝” and allows the light to be tilted up to 180°.

• The Studio Variable Color CooLED Light is the latest technology is studio lighting.
• High power, high quality LED’s.
• Light produces the equivalent of 1500 watts incandescent light.
• Only using 150 watts of energy.
• Dial Up/Down brightness & color temperature.
• Color temperature from 3200°K to 8000°K with the turn of a dial.
• Average life of the LED’s is 50,000 hours (Over 25 years of life).

PS-5710 CooLED 150C Vari Color Temp $649.00 FREE SHIPPING!!
Continuous Photo Video Light
LED Studio Light - 10,000 Lumen!
• RPS Studio LED Light is a powerful 10,000 lumens.
• Designed for photographers & videographers with none of the heat or power requirements of conventional lighting equipment.
• The LED Studio Lights are a 100 watt (energy usage) LED equal to 1000 watts with the attached 8” reflector.
• Features an adjustable output with no color temperature change.
• The light is a constant 5200°K daylight color.
• Each light comes with a standard Bowens 8'' reflector.
• With a shower cap style diffuser, protective cap and accepts any umbrellas.
Continuous Photo Video Light
Cool LED 50 Two Light Kit
• The NEWEST technology in LED lighting for still & video!
• The LED 50 watt lamps put out as much light as a 500 watt photofloods!
• The Cool 50 watt light has none of the heat and generates a 5200˚ K light color temp.
• The LED is rated at 50,000 hours without burning out.
• Built in dimmer allows for adjustments to your specific needs.
• Also, an optional battery pack to run any on DC power!
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Continuous Light Photo Video Kit
• Choose between two Quick-Open Softbox kits.
• Each kits use a set of 5400°K Cool Florescent Lights.
• The 140 watt includes just 2 70watt Fluorescent lamps. 4 in 1 is optional!
• The 280 watt includes 2 4 -in- 1 adapters and 4 70watt Fluorescent lamps!
• Softbox kit made for digital photography or video projects.
• A snap to set-up or close, they have no ribs or adapters, everything is built-in.
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110 LED Photo Video Variable Color Light
• DV110C Video & DSLR “AA” & “LI-ION” Video Light With Variable Light Output AND With Variable Color Temperature!
• The DV110C LED has it all. 110 LEDs in a compact case, and a continuously variable color control.
• Allows you to mix your color temperature as you like between 3000 and 6000° K.
• The included Li-Ion battery snaps into place on the back of the unit providing about 1-1/2 hours of running time.
• The battery is a 7.2V 2350 mAh (NP-F550/NP-F570) battery, (same as the DV60 and DV112).