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Photographs capture our history and a photo album contains the record of our journey. It’s been said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’’ and the correct color or style background paper in the studio can make or break a perfect photo. Photography has come a long way and there are so many photographers with different styles dedicated to creating personalized portrait photography. No two photographers are alike so the importance of proper lighting and the best photography backdrop or background seamless paper must be properly handled through the use of a background roller system. Due to the different kinds of photography today, each photographer must determine his or her optimal set of tools to achieve the best image.

Photographers understand the importance of a professionally prepared portfolio in order to feature his or her best work. With the ease of becoming a professional photographer these days, so many hobbyists wondering whether they can become full-time. Needless to say, professional photographers require a real skill in order to separate them from the shooters that are just into everyday photographs to upload to various social media accounts.  Due to the simplicity of today’s cameras, the access of so many photo-editing apps and online sharing, it’s in the best interest of the consumer to become more aware of the quality difference between today’s photographers or they will be taken advantage of. Thus, the beginning photographer is being forced to improve their skills before heading into the field.

There are many sources for online courses and schools to improve their knowledge and to sharpen their abilities before venturing into the business. has been serving the wold’s professional photographers for over 50 years. Our web store features everything the skilled professional requires including most forms of photographic packaging, supplies, photography backdrop papers, lighting equipment, and our exclusive background roller systems to best equip everyone. The products are affordable with optimum quality. We’ve always maintained a commitment to building relationships with customers who wish to contact us directly for help and assistance.

What sets our store apart from most, is our owner, himself a photographer, has a long term understanding of the importance of the most appropriate photography backdrop papers, quality photo folios, and backdrop roller systems to meet their needs. Because the owner knows the products thoroughly, he knows they will do what they were designed for.  The wide range of photography backdrops and photography backgrounds, backdrop roller systems, through photo folios will all enhance any skilled photographers’ business. Proper selection of the correct backdrop and roller system can make the process smoother and save time and money. Pro Studio Supply has earned the reputation for proper customer care with a huge range of products available to meet their needs. Photographers can choose from the best selection of photographic packaging, delivery bags, photo folders, photo folios, memory mates, backgrounds, backdrops, senior props, lighting, digital, albums, fine art, framing, sports and holiday products, studio equipment and more. Our web store is a platform for amateur photographers as well as the professional photographer.

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