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How to Brand Yourself and Your Photography

Photographers need to make an impression beyond their pictures and work. There needs to be a connection between you the creator and the work others see.

Branding makes this possible. A brand presents a photographer and their business to the world at large. A brand is you and your business’s identity and something that should be grown and cultivated for your photography business to succeed.


A logo is the immediately recognizable flag for your brand. It’s a go-to signal representing the intentions and goals of your business and ties together every part of your brand. McDonald’s golden arches logo, as an example, triggers your recollection of the food, service and past experiences you’ve had with the company. The logo says as much about you as your photos do, so you need to be very thoughtful how your logo looks. Fonts and designs convey a bevy of emotions, some are edgy or whimsical. If you focus on children photography, the use of playful designs and fonts immediately signal this. Likewise a wedding photographer whose style is more traditional can show this with traditional fonts and design. Be sure to use a professional designer who is skilled at making these connections.

Business Cards

Business cards are convenient tools for building a brand. Like logos, they represent your business. But unlike logos, business cards are far more informative and functional. Their purpose is to inform your client who you are, what you do and where they can reach you. For maximum effect, your card needs to leave an impression. Business cards need to work with your style and photography.

Did you know your business cards can be a mini portfolio of your work? Just make multiple versions of your card with different photos and you have great samples in your pocket.

Social Media

One of the best ways to gain recognition, even celebrity, is to participate on social media. Show your work on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Comment on others’ work. Post photography advice via a blog and social media to brides and seniors. The more you engage, the more benefits you reap. You should have a website as well. Be sure to link your social media comments to your website.


Branding your business and promoting it is integral to your business. Make a professional logo, have memorable business cards and use the internet daily. Next to referrals, it’s how today’s professional photography business is done.


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