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Best Sites for Publishing Photo Books

Photo books have become very common today. Most consumers and pro photographers are using books for many uses. Consumers are using them to compile family events, parties and birthdays, while pros are using them for wedding albums, senior portraits and corporate events.

There comes a time in every photographer’s career where they have taken enough pictures to fill a book that they, well… fill a book. Photo books are great for photographers to show off their work as portfolios or personal work. Thanks to the internet, companies have formed with the express purpose of publishing photo books quickly and at very affordable prices. There are many small run publishers to choose from today, we just listed a few to get your juices running. Here are some sites for your perusal.

      1. -Blurb specializes in high-quality photo books with high quality paper and offering free layout and creation tools from their site, not including the countless customization options already online. Feel free to use the code GATHER25 at check out for 25% off for any book you purchase from Blurb.

      2. -Shutterfly is unique because it caters to both professionals and customers by allowing for customizable layouts and readymade books for any occasion.

      3. -For those who enjoy the convenience and ease of Apple’s integrated experience will be glad to discover that Apple also has made it possible to make photo books through the use of their iPhoto app and that they sell photo books from their company site, together creating the streamlined experience many Apple users have come to love.

      4. - Pinhole Press is gear towards professionals and are dedicated to showing off photos. Along with their popular panoramic albums, they sell craft products, like magnets and flash drives as well as professional grade wedding albums.

      5. -Groovebook is a subscription service that allows you to publish your photos every month from your IOS devices for only $3 a month.


If you’re looking to make a portfolio, a sampler or just show off, a photo book is perfect for compiling your work and show to your friends and family.

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