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The Benefits of Drone Photography

With the end of the wars in the Middle East, a majority of military technologies have been converted for use in the private sector. planned on using drones as a delivery service. But that deal fell through so filmmakers and photographers have picked up the slack, finding surprising advantages that have drastically changed the way we take pictures.

Unique Angles: A photographer can shoot a subject from a good number of angles with just their bodies and tripods. A drone adds elevation and distance, an opportunity for impossible shots like, oh I don’t know… A wedding ceremony from the sky!! Drones open a realm of possibilities for photographers to achieve the maximum potential in their capture. 

Compact and Mobile: Drones are small, relatively low priced and unobtrusive. Previously, aerial photography demanded the use of a helicopter and a pilot, both of which cost money and time to set up. Let’s also remember that helicopters are loud, expensive, not to mention large and unwieldly. Drones on today’s market are cheap, compact and as small as an iPad. Because of this, drones have the ability to maneuver through various areas without causing disruptions. Its mobility allows for genuine, candid shots of people without causing a distraction. 

Time calls for change and that allows for innovation. Photographers are only beginning to use and understand drones as part of their craft. I believe that, eventually, a majority of photographers will include a drone among their equipment.

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