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Instagram and the Best Practices for Photographers

Instagram has become a dominate social media outlet for artists and photographers. 21% of adults are using it with 53% between the ages of 18-29. That puts your prospects right in the age range of needing a professional photographer. That makes Instagram an important means to spread word message.

If you do a Google search on protecting your images on Instagram you’ll find 17,700,000 results. I weeded through many sites to gather some useful information to help you stop the likes of Richard Prince from using your photos for their gain. Unfortunately, It is possible to have others to profit from your hard work. There are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your images.

Every client must sign a release allowing the use of their photos on Instagram and other social media outlets. Many releases may not include the details of social media so a section that addresses it must be updated. This could protect you from unintentional uses of your photo.

Never upload a full resolution files. Several of the social media outlets downgrade the image quality intentionally at uploading. Many of todays DSLR’s are so sharp you may have to downsize them yourself.

You can also add a variety watermarks to every image before uploading to any site. Watermarks can go from a detailed logo to a simple name faded over an image. Some may be annoyed by this practice so you need to decide how and where you want to use it on your images. Often the lower right corner or upper left hand corner are the most common and the the way most people view images. An other simple method is to upload only a part of an image without removing any crucial part of the picture.  

There is quite a bit of info on this topic. “Stop stealing my sh*t!” covers the highly technical ways you can protect yourself on Instagram and other social media outlets. Go to this link for a worthwhile article by for some great details.


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