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Senior Picture Season

       We spent some time on different social media outlets to see what was happening with Senior pictures in 2015. We found some varying results. We at Pro Studio Supply thought we could keep you informed of our findings. It’s very important that photographers stay current on shooting styles or info or get lost in the shuffle.

       1. Outdoor shoots are the majority of pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. We found two looks on Twitter that surprised us. The first was a variety of fancy dresses. Some appeared to come right out of a wedding magazine. The other was a highly personalized look. Props are pretty much the same and used frequently in pictures. Overall, the vast majority of pictures on Pinterest were all taken outdoors.

       2. A more traditional headshot was more prominent on Instagram. The posing of the senior was also more traditional. Overall the pictures had less quality for technicalities and composition. The pictures on Instagram were also far more casual.

You have to decide as the photographer if you will offer indoor and outdoor pictures. There is an argument to be made that both can be appropriate. If you want pictures that capture personality and the life of a senior outdoors is probably the way to go. Those same pictures, however, may not meet the requirements of the school to be included in the yearbook.

The most consistently purchased prints are still Wallets! We offer a real variety of types that all parents love to have and use. There’s a los a great variety Wallet Sized Keychains to choose from. They help remind everybody of their Sr. the way they were. Most parents we’ve encountered want some senior pictures to highlight these important milestones.

Consider Instagram as a place to post those pictures that you have a release for. It does seem that Pinterest might be a hard way to reach new clients by the looks of the pictures and the volume, but it needs to be in your mix of SEO. Instagram is not the same, entirely, and might be a great way to reach more clients. Remember, tagging the senior and your city with senior pictures will get them seen by the parents and people you need more business from on Instagram.

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