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Client Retention and Loyalty

Do you reward your clients for returning?  If you do, bravo! If you do not, you should consider what’s the best way for you.  The most obvious is to always encourage your client to come back. Do something more like send them a free print with a thank you goes a long way towards loyalty. It also has the added benefit of encouraging prints to be made.

Thinking outside the box is important, however.  Offering free downloads is great idea. Allowing the client to share the album on social media rather than downloading the pictures allows traffic back to your website. Many of the portfolio websites do allow for the sharing of an album in such a way as to gain that traffic back to your website. You can easily offer to do that for your clients as a part of a loyalty program feature.

Discounts on prints are another way to encourage referrals and return clients. Clients like to feel valued and cared for. It is important to remember that photography is a highly personal item to people.

Being loyal to your clients is also important. I make sure to inquire on big happenings after the fact. Many clients will talk about the things going on in life during a shoot. I like to ask when delivering the finals a few questions about how those things are going. Example: A client that’s talking about a promotion should be asked how it went the next time you speak to them.  Or a client that mentions an up-coming celebration should be asked if it was a great event as they anticipated.

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