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The Dying Art of Photo Albums!

I have an artist/photographer friend that shoots a photo a day, every day. She posts it on Facebook. She is on year 4 as we speak. This photo turns into her personal journal. She prints these pictures into an album every year.

She chooses an album worthy of holding her honored images. Unfortunately, there are less options then ever before making it tougher to find the right one. There is a decline in clients wanting albums and photographers offering them. It may surprise you to know that even I as an album supplier am finding less options and harder to supply albums. Because everyone is selling less albums, our manufactures are making and offering fewer and fewer.

Just because the majority of consumers are not using albums doesn’t mean there is no longer a need for them. Photo albums are becoming a lost art. Because this artist has no intent on stopping her photo a day and wants a regular printed album she has found that she needs to change the album style almost yearly.

My thoughts for you lie in this direction: Is the album dying a good thing because it affects so few? Even here we have at times considered not carrying them. Is this just one of the things we have to let go of? It goes back to an earlier blog that photos need to be printed. Should that not be in an album? Somehow a photobook, a really nice one, does not seem cost effective compared to an album. You can easily go to a drive through book maker but is that really the quality you want? You can also spend a small fortune on a high class book. These books can reach hundreds of dollars to create.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Please share your ideas and what you’ve done in your photography business.

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