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A friend and I recently asked every photographer we knew if they ever enter photo contests and if so, how many. Many said they do and also enjoy it as a hobby besides their photo business. This was the case with most of the people we talked to. Most explained their professional photography businesses help pay for their hobby.

Analytics showed heavy response whenever we posted anything to do with contests on our Pro Studio Facebook page. We plan to continue announcing contests on our Facebook page  so make sure you’re following us on Facebook and our twitter feed for updates and more.

Here’s a quick approach to entering contests. Always research each contest thoroughly. Most of them will allow you to see previous winners. This is helpful in deciding if it’s a good match for your style of photography.

Review the timelines and terms. If a contest is a good match for you, you don’t want to miss the deadlines. You can set-up reminders in your smartphones for two weeks and 3 days prior to keep you informed. Keep track of award dates. It’s too easy to loose emails into spam accounts. You can also use a variety of colored markers to track contest dates on a paper calendar.

The terms of each contest are very important to consider. You need to see how the photographers picture rights are handled and what’s expected of you if you do win.

I make an effort to track the contests I’ve entered to be prepared again next year. If I receive an honorable mention or more I print the picture for a portfolio or album along with the award or mention. This is a very important part of the process. This is a resume builder and looks great when speaking to clients. Think of the confidence boost a client will have working with you if you can show them your “award winning” images in an album.

If any of you win a contest, please let us know with a twitter post on our feed. We’ll help you spread the word there and on Facebook. We have a reach of 10,000 photographers world-wide. Pro Studio would love to spread some love for you’re work.

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