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The challenges of studio lighting can be intimidating. So many factors go into lighting. But the most important one is the photographer’s ability to demonstrate their person voice. It’s all to easy lighting instructions on the internet. But they’re usually cookie cutter with little thought behind them. I would suggest you learn the basics but tweak them to create your very own style and unique voice.

Today, lighting can set you apart from the competition and bring you more jobs. Fine art photographers have known this and seek out specially lit images. They understand that light can create a dramatic look, or a soft look and more importantly, combine them into an extra special image.

Portrait photographers new to photography, usually default to a standard setup. They haven’t learned any other way. In this day and age we need to accept that “everyone is a photographer”. The camera manufacturers told them all they need is their camera. A more experienced photographer will have the ability to control their light in most situations. With a commitment to on-going study and learning they can perfect their craft and thus stand out in a crowded arena.

One suggestion can assist you in developing a lighting style. Learn to use your walls to bounce light off. You can use your existing walls or create some walls from foamcore or other materials. One of the more ambitious ones is drywall on wheels. A wood frame is built to your specs. and can be placed anywhere in your space. You can also add a slopping top that either adjusts or not.  By moving these panels around, you can control where your shadows fall and learn to sculpt your light for each subject.

Once you’ve committed to bounce lighting your fun begins so start experimenting with what works best for you. Some will devote a light unit just to this bounce wall. You should know how your light equipment function. View the additional piece as insurance that you have exactly what you need and it’s there when you need it. Pro Studio Supply sells a very affordable set of add-on wheels that can attach to your light stands allowing you to easily move them where you need them. Too many concentrate on the cost of their equipment and forget that their running a business. Your goal is to create quality images and the ease at which you do this is directly related to your financial success. The appearance and professionalism you display will bring more customers faster than cheap prices. We carry several lines of lighting and peripheral equipment at affordable prices. Call an associate for free advice and options.

Set yourself apart and that will lead to more clients. Each client wants their portraits to be special. Cookie cutter is no longer acceptable.

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