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Google Vice President Vint Cerf and the Digital Dark Age

What does this really mean? Digital dark age, how is that possible? This is a topic that is gaining momentum in recent weeks. In order to truly understand this topic we need to look first to the past.

That past that allows you to see and hold your grandparents wedding pictures. The past that allows you to see and hold pictures and documents that were produced prior to the digital era.

Now let’s jump ahead a bit. The digital era brought us floppy drives and tape drives for backup purposes. How many pictures live on that style of media still? The more important question is how difficult is it to get those pictures off that media? This is the easiest illustration of how these pictures and in some cases documents (i.e. letters, proposals etc.) can be lost.

Society got aggressive about storing things digitally. You can’t argue with saving trees and space. You also have to love having everything in one place.  Technology though is designed to always advance. It is designed to get better, faster and more intuitive. As technology advances mediums advance and before you know it the old way is obsolete.

What you are left with is the digital Dark Age. Will you be able to save those pictures and documents? Will your great-great grandchildren be able to look at wedding pictures of their great grandparents like you did?

There are more problems associated with this than you think. The number of suppliers that are making the supplies to hold and store prints is on a downward spiral. The quality that is being offered on things like albums and portfolio boxes is lessoning. This is a direct result of the lower demand. The options are getting harder to find in a quality that Pro Studio Supply can stand behind.

The funny thing about this is that it is a technology giant warning us. Vint Cerf, V.P. Of Google might just be foreshadowing another leap forward in technology.  That leap ahead is inevitable as it keeps companies in business.

Photographers can’t be all knowing and see the future of technology. However, we can learn from the past. The past as shown us technology will evolve. It would be nice if the digital era did something for photographers that helped us to provide prints once again, even if in a more limited amount than in past years.

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