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Classic Panoramic Photo Frames with Plexiglass Cover for You

Whether you are an amateur photographer or professional one, it is necessary for perfect photo framing. The panoramic photo frames must not weaken photos. Pro Studio designs the perfect photo frames to suit the professional photographers. The quality of the frames is remarkable. Buy light-weight custom panoramic photo frames at Pro Studio Supply at a discount.

Classic Wooden Panoramic Photo Frames with Plexiglass

Photographs refresh your childhood memories. It inspires you to showcase your gratitude seeing the picture of the aged family member. So, the panoramic photo frames keep the images intact. Choose the perfect wooden frame with boxes Plexiglas for protection. Decorated panoramic frames showcase the landscape images of a group of team members and children in bright, colorful costumes. Pro Studio satisfies customers by giving different sizes of resilient glossy photo frames at low prices. Blackwood photo frames have plexiglass insulation to enhance the durability of the images.  The gorgeousness of the black wood photo frames is awe-inspiring. Each panoramic photo frame has the select box for resisting weather roughness, dust particles, and scratches. Your precious landscape size group photos will have no damage. The clarity of the images lasts for many years.

Check Best Prices of Top Panoramic Photo Frames with Plexiglass Covers

  • Set of 12 PS2824 8''x 24'' Panoramic Frames cost $109.00
  • 12 PS2124 10''x 24'' Panoramic Frames are available for $125.00
  • 12 PS2130 10''x 30'' Panoramic Frames are on sale for $125.00

Unique Photo Frames

If your photos do not match the size of the frames, it will be a thing for you to forget. So, for lifelong durability, and proper photo maintenance, buy the beautifully boxed panorama photo frames. It will be a classic fixture to decorate your room. Get wall-mounted, hanging, and tabletop panoramic photo frames for home decoration. The easel stand on the backside of the photo is perfect for display on the computer desk.  Upload your images for beautiful framing.

Place Orders to Have Marvelous Panoramic Photo Frames

Place orders for new panoramic photo frames for around $109 from Pro Studio Supply. After submitting the form for buying this photo frame with a plexiglass cover, the customers care members will give you a callback. It is swift trading. You will get the new innovative panoramic photo frames on time. The individual photo frame is perfectly boxed and packed for shipment.

No Additional Cost

Customers need not worry about additional shipping charges.  Feel free to check the instructions on how to buy the best panoramic photo frames.

 All these world-class panoramic photo frames confirm the needs of professional photographers and artists. The swing-out easel stand enables the artist to install the photo on the table or any hard surface.  Customers have no risk to buy lovely panoramic photo frames from Pro Studio Supply portal.  For the best deal, try to visit the official website of Pro Studio for collecting the eye-catching panoramic photo frames in suitable sizes. Every stylish photographer needs the touch of fantasy. He must create images which have fantastic structures to protect the impressive photos.

Looking to well organize your family photos in an album? Why don't you buy leather folio?

You can ask yourself why you need a photo frame. And, why does it need to be a leather folio? Well, for example, you had a lovely vacation and, now you want to print the photographs. Certainly, you will have 5-6 best photographs that you want to showcase. In a single frame. And, the frame you will choose must be of good quality. Well decorated enough to be showcased in the bedroom. What would you do? In this case, professional folio (leather) will be the ideal option to think for. You put your artistic talent into practice by taking lots of great photos of the places you've visited. You might want to clean up your device's memory.

What do you think about creating a photo album?

Rather than printing individual photos, the photography folio allows you to collect them in one place. So you can always carry them with you and, show them to friends and family. You will have a wonderful memory of your holiday. The album should tell the trajectory of the entire journey. So select the photos from the beginning such as the making off, the organization of the procession, and so on.

Particularly, choosing a lot of photos to "fit more on the page" is a way to make the album more polluted. And, without highlighting anything, you look at the whole page and, pay no attention in any detail. Your memory will be much more exciting if you choose a leather folio. Instead of creating an album, choose 7-10 best photos and, put them into the folio. Place the folio beside the bed and, you get the romantic showpiece.

Quality is worth much more than quantity

You do not need a huge photo frame. You do not need 20 pictures to showcase your memory. What you can do is to buy the folio of preferred size. If you want, you can choose the design and, tell your preference to the manufacturer. Make your collection more exciting by choosing 5-6 most beautiful and, expressive photos were taken by the professional photographer.

Make a pre-selection of all the photos you like, regardless of the quantity. From time to time, replace the ones you do not think are so cool. This is a great way to "wipe out" the number of photos from your official album. As the idea is to make the folio a history book, establish a "quota" of photos for each moment of the day. This will help you to be more objective and, keep the chronological line of the album without it tiring.

Conclusion: Know this thing

A folio is basically known as the frame or, cover. It is mostly used in a photographic line. Buying a leather folio will give your photos decent looks. You can make your choice. There are lots of online collections. At first, you must decide which photos, how many photos you will showcase? Take your time and, choose the best photographs. It can be of different moments or, same moment. The ideal thing is to cherish your memory. Visit ProStudioSupply to buy photography equipment and accessories at best prices.

Why photography backdrop paper is important to take any professional photographs?

Among so many lovely props, the Photography backdrop paper or, photographic background is the basis of your photo. It is the canvas upon which you will create your art and, transport your client. The backdrop is self-contained and, often you will not need any other accessories to compose your photo. However, you cannot simply set the background and, exit by clicking. Every click has to be thought out and, planned. And remember - the star of the photo is the customer and, the photography background paper is an element of artistic support.

It is important for product photography

The most usual in photography for e-commerce is to take the photos in the studio. The most important thing, in this case, is the lighting. So it takes a large space in the studio for the placement of different focuses. In addition, of course, tables, photographic material and, space to store the products to be photographed.

The good thing about taking photographs in the studio is that it takes a shorter time to illuminate the products. Depending on the size of the products or, the type of products such as metallic finishes, bottles, etc. And, for that, you must need two types of backdrop papers. Such as colorful background roll or, white paper roll for photography. Any product can be photographed in a studio. Even those of large dimensions such as furniture, vehicles or machinery. Yes, you have to have wide space availability and, beautiful backdrop papers for photography.

Which kind of frame do you need?

For most of the professional photographs, you need white backdrop paper. While, in personal photographs, we mostly see natural backdrops or, colorful paper. Or, you can opt for the shades of backgrounds such as grey or, broken white. It is also a tendency to see even shadows of the models and, the products in the backgrounds. Often, you choose to take photos in outdoor locations. As in the studio photos, any type of product can be photographed using various colorful background paper. Unless the contact with the air distorts its appearance. In general, outdoor photos are made to contextualize the product with its scope of use.


Photos with stock backgrounds

This type of photos is a mix of studio photos and, photos of scenarios. To save time and, the money you resort to buying natural backdrop papers with different scenic background. In this way, you will make the photos of the products in the studio. And, then you will make a correct integration of the same in the stock photos purchased.

For your information, the most wall mounted backdrop system which is used is generally the white ones. When you take the picture, you need the perfection of light. Only then you will be able to take HD pictures. Because of the white backdrop paper, the light reflects 100% and, reduce other sources of light. So, you just don't buy them for background rendering. But, to use them to take professional photographs. Find them on the online store which deals with photographic products.

4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Leather Folio

Purchasing a leatherette folio to display your photographs may seem like an unnerving task, but it’s not at all. There are over 20 styles, colors & sizes to choose from. When you review the ‘’FOLIOS’’ category, you will find many to select & great descriptions & photos to review. The leatherette material is durable like top quality leather, but at a more economical price. You’ll probably be able to afford several folios. If you’re a professional photographer & plan on re-selling them to your customers, you’ll want several samples to offer & include them in some portrait packages!

  • Your photos will be secure in a durable and resistant material
  • Get the timeless look & feel of leather without paying for leather
  • Get a variety of options to find what you need

There are many advantages to selecting & using one of our leatherette folios. They’re a perfect piece to store & display a related set of images. They’re a great keepsake for a graduating senior, a perfect grouping for a prenuptial portrait session, a small reunion of friends or family members or beautiful & personal boudoir session. Choosing the perfect folio for any occasion is very easy.

What size folio do you need? 

The majority of our photo folios are made to fit either 4’’ x 5’’ or 4’’ x 6’’ photographs. You then determine how many photographic images you need or want to use. The standard size of folio holds 8 photos. Four in the center section & two on each side of the openings we call ‘’wings.’’ The center section can be ordered with either all four vertical or two vertical & two horizontal. We call this either ‘’V’’ or ‘’VH’’ We have a full section of folios on our website, Photo Gallery choose from. You can get them now at Pro Studio Supply!

Many styles & sizes to choose from!

The majority of our leatherette folios hold eight photos but you can actually choose to hold between 2 photos up to 12 photos. We also feature three different styles for graduating seniors called Commencement, Achievement & Graduate Folios.

The Commencement & Achievement Folios feature the word ‘’SENIOR’’ on the cover in two different font styles. The Graduate folio features a foil embossed graduate certificate & a mortarboard on the inside center section. The ‘’SENIOR’’ style folios feature either a silver, gold or black pinstripe around each mat on the inside that coordinates with the SENIOR printed on the cover. See the details of these folios on our website.

Does it look like real leather material? 

Each folio features a black leatherette soft padded cover that looks just like real leather. You would not want us to use real leather primarily due to cost. We use a special ‘’Bonded Leather’’ that looks & feels like real leather without the high cost. Most people will think it’s leather if you didn’t tell them it wasn’t!

Custom View Folios? 

A very special folio can be purchased from Pro Studio Supply to customize your folios! This is truly a simple procedure which can be explained as follows. The Custom View Folios can be purchased in many options & assembled in many configurations. Choose between 10 different folio covers & a variety of separate mats that can be placed into the folios to build one the way you want. You first select a cover that has nothing inside then, choose from a selection of mats that you place inside to meet your special needs. See the following link for complete details Custom View FoliosCustom View Mats 

Photo Folio Imprinting Personalized Text

Most of the parents & photographers purchasing our folios for graduating seniors like to add an inscription on the front cover to commemorate the date of graduation. We can personalize most folios with the student's name, school name & graduation date in a variety of hot-foil colors & fonts. The most common placement is on the front cover in the lower right-hand corner. Some parents like the inside but this is dependant on the particular folio selected. It’s very important to get the correct details imprinted so we provide a text box for you to fill in the proper information in two lines. Here’s a link for more details. Folio Imprinting.

For a wide array of quality leatherette folios, your one-stop destination should be Pro Studio Supply.

Family Portraits

Family photos can be a challenge but not if you know a set of techniques to follow. Here's some tips that can simply your work if you practice them.

1. Young children can be a hand full if they aren't well rested. If they've had a good nights sleep or a nap, they'll be in a better mood. This in itself can assure a smoother shoot and help keep everyone at ease.

2. As discussed before, outdoor portraits offer the simplest light to work with. Mornings and dusk providing the purest most diffuse light of the day. But you must remain FLEXIBLE and pre-plan it.

3. We offer a great variety of photo reflectors and photo diffusers that will help sculpt your portraits. They come in many sizes and styles and can be mounted on stands or held by assistants.  When used properly, they will prevent over contrast areas or fill-in dark shadows under eyes, chins and other areas in the frame.

4. Like any other portrait session you do, design a series of photo packages with albums or frames for customers to choose from. Family portraits is one area that can generate large wall framed work. There are so many options but I recommend you use items that best fits your brand and style. Consider pricing your packages so the ones in the middle will be your best profit margin packages! This is a very effective practice that works.

5. Unless you're portraits are at a formal event, when it comes to what to wear, casual dress is usually best. Make sure your groups are not all dressed the same. That style has come and gone. Suggest everyone wear clothes that work together but not all identical. And stress to your clients to wear little to no PATTERNS!

6. I'm sure you know lots of places to make outdoor portraits. Choose them wisely, and become aware of your background at different times of the day and the year. Only you know how your favorite spots will look for a particular group or portrait! Make sure there's no surprises the day of the shoot with the sun or stray groups during your session. This could prevent a successful shoot that day and require an alternate date that can inconvenience everybody!

Together with a better understanding of your DSLR camera functions and photo techniques, you will create cherished work for every family session. Please share any ideas or techniques you use and share your photo examples for a free Stylus Pen!

NOT Just Another Photo Dealer!

We're all in the same business! You sell portraits, we sell photo supplies. You depend on clients to purchase you're photography , we depend on you to buy our photo products to showcase your work or assist with equipment you need to capture the shot.  We both need you to do great photography, sell more photos and get more business. If you succeed we succeed.

The point to be made is we carry a truly unique blend of items that help photographers improve their images, improve their sales and build a contemporary brand!

We've been doing this for over 40 years. Branding includes your logo or name to any of our 4 color Premium Boxes. Placing your customer prints into a huge variety of photo folders, folios and albums. Providing your digital files on DVD or USB in a selection of contemporary albums and cases.

Equipment is equipment! Everybody's hawking it. They all boast the lowest prices. Is that really how you want to buy equipment, the cheapest!? We have a limited selection of proven items that help you produce better images in studio or on-location. Each one is tested to work. If you have any trouble, call us for help. If it stops working, one call to us will replace it. I dare you to get help like that for the lowest priced guys on the net!

Who else can you call for honest and sincere advice on why one constant light is better than another or how many lamps you need for your small studio space? Or how much does our 10x20 handpainted background weight? Or how long does it take to get a V-Drape? Those other web guys can't or don't answer those questions. Why? Because you couldn't get a hold of them by phone if your life depended on it.

As much as we're connected to the net, we'd rather talk to you in person because you're a real person! We like people! We're knowledgeable about photography, about our photo products and how long you have to wait to get something. We know all these things are important to you. You can call us up with these or any questions regarding any of our products.

Yea, this seems like a big sales pitch but it's the truth. Call us up and we'll help you make your life easier as a photographer. Mark S. ProStudioUSA

Welcome to our new Blog Post!

Like everyone on the internet today, I'm still learning the best way to be seen and to build my audience. I've attempted doing so on FaceBook, but they have their own ideas about it and it doesn't seem to include most of us anymore!

So from now on I'm going to share my knowledge of professional photography gained over the past 40 years, with all who wish to listen and learn.

I plan to share photo tips, photo techniques & photo training thru diagrams, photos & videos. Our customers cover every range of knowledge but I'll usually post info for the beginner to experienced photographer. Blogs are also two way so I always welcome questions and suggestions from you at anytime. Once in a while I'll discuss a product worth mentioning starting with Seniors due to many schools back in session.

I'm confident I'll have some valuable info to share and I hope to hear from as many customers and prospective customers over the year. Pro Studio Supply prides itself on building long lasting relationships with all who wish to. We don't just say it, we prove it every time you call to ask a question or place an order. I believe that's why were in our 45th year of business. Please review our website, call us toll free to talk and place an order for some valuable product that will add to your bottom line or make you a better photographer in this competitive field in which we play. Mark S. ProStudioUSA