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Getting to know Mark Stall – Guest Blogger

Mark Stall has been living a dream as a photographer for a long time and the owner of Pro Studio Supply for 27 years. The photography business was very different when he first got started. They were strictly clinical and utilitarian. Webpages were devoid of personality and meant to be strictly useful then. I’m a local photographer who had the pleasure of meeting Mark through another local photographer. It was a great thing we met. We had a lot in common and a lot to share with each other. I wrote this ‘’get to know’’ Mark Stall blog because he’s worth knowing.

Having been an engaging photographer, it was a different type of feeling for Mark. Now, the world is a place where we all want to know each other.  Mark was kind enough to answer some questions recently so that I could write a blog post about him.

1.) Music has always been an important part of my life. I used to attend every major rock concert here in my state of WI. I would capture pictures of every one of them. I would hand hold my 200+mm lens and shoot mostly slide film for that instant gratification under multi-changing stage lights. I have a great collection of photo albums I cherish to this day.

2.) I enjoy movies especially scifi! My father was a big influence on me. From 2001 a Space Odyssey to Blade Runner, I watched and dreamed of space travel and extra-terrestrial life.

3.) I love to take trips with my family. When our two boys were growing up, we would travel our state and several longer trips around the USA together. We all enjoy the ocean, national theme parks and cities. I also traveled with my parents and siblings growing up. We drove to over 40 US states.

4.) My wife Nancy and I attended an international photographic trade show every other year in Cologne Germany back in the 1990's. It's known as Photokina and is still running to this day. We got to know the beautiful town of Cologne Germany and we'd often travel to other European countries while on these trips.  

5.) My wife and I are going on 30 years of marriage. We met and were engaged in just four weeks. We have a lot of common likes but are very different from each other. Perhaps this is why we've been able to stay together so long.

6.) I'm an award-winning fine art photographer. I may have got started late, but I've been juried into dozens of shows over the past 15 years. I exhibit at art shows, art galleries and a variety of retail venues. I'm the past board member and treasurer of a fine art photography group called The Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) here in Milwaukee, WI and in the local Cedarburg Artists Guild which offers so many opportunities to exhibit my work.

After I read these answers I realized Mark is a very diverse photographer/person. I say photographer first because I believe it defines him in so many ways. I also had a better understanding of his motivation to be in the business he is in. It is not just that he understands it, he lives it! Lastly, it made me think about his customers. I wonder how diverse they are. It is not a simple world anymore. It is a far more interesting world.

In part of my discussion with Mark we both wondered how we could find out more about his clients. I am willing to bet it is more diverse than we think! Now, I just have to make sure we don’t end up discussing Sci-Fi because we’ll never get anything else done!