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V-Drapes for High School, Colleges and Debutante Cotillions.


Pro Studio Supply is the main sources for Black V-Drapes in the USA. It's like a poncho style wrap made from quality velvet that appears like a formal gown from the front. A graceful V is created in the front and falls gently off the girls shoulders. To many, this may seem very ''Old-Fashion'' and it is. But what it accomplishes is an equalizing of every girl by breaking down the portrait to a beautiful face, a supple neck and her shoulders. Many schools have been creating framed composite mats for the graduating class with our drapes. Class composite frames are a clean impressive way to feature their classes.

The Classic V-Drape is a simple wrap specially designed for ease and speed. It slips right on and uses a basic velcro closure on back to keep it in place. Black tube tops are available to help the girls feel more secure. Each drape is simply adjusted to a proper placement for the neck and shoulders and every girl is done the identical way. Several drapes are required for large groups of girls to avoid spending too much time adjusting each one during the photograph. This way, while the current girl is being photographed the one on board is being prepared and ready for her photo. Our Misses or Medium style was designed to fit at least 90% of all girls. An extra large is available for plus-sizes.

We also carry the Double V-Drape which is a true poncho and features a V in front and in back. It's placed on over the head and you can do over the shoulder shots with it. There is a need for colors other than standard black. We created a selection of custom colors for those requests that include Royal Indigo, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy, Red and White. The custom color drapes may require a week to ship but have been filling the need of many high schools, colleges and debutante cotillions.

Throughout the United States, many high school seniors and college graduate photography is still done with a formal Classic V-Drape. But today, due to the influx of people doing photography the trend has clearly changed. Senior photography has almost become a modeling session for both girls and boys. It's a time for the photographer and student to become creative with many change of clothes and props. But for many schools still requiring a black wrap, Pro Studio Supply will be ready to meet your demands.


Shooting Outdoor Portraits

Many of you who are new to photography probably haven't perfected your studio lighting yet. So a simpler option is to work outdoors in the natural light. But you really must avoid doing so during the middle of the day! The harsh sunlight will cause unattractive shadows in your portraits especially in eye sockets and under their nose. A portable flash or fill-flash will lighten the face and shadows but must be used correctly. Remember to be aware of your background and be sure to expose it properly.

Your best light comes early or late in the day for long shadows and warm tones. Experienced photogs know this as the ''Sweet Light.'' The quality of this light is diffuse and bright and makes flattering portraits like on a cloudy day. Again, the use of a portable fill-flash will add some details to the darker areas on your clients face. Use the sunset and shadows to enhance your portraits. Most of you have some favorite location spots to photograph seniors and families. Find out the best times of the day to use them. Leave a specific question about outdoor portraits and we'll answer you directly or on this blog!

Good luck this fall and please share examples of your work on our twitter page @ProStudioSupplyFacebook. Mark ProStudioUSA

Images by Echo Smithville, TX