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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Leather Folio

Purchasing a leatherette folio to display your photographs may seem like an unnerving task, but it’s not at all. There are over 20 styles, colors & sizes to choose from. When you review the ‘’FOLIOS’’ category, you will find many to select & great descriptions & photos to review. The leatherette material is durable like top quality leather, but at a more economical price. You’ll probably be able to afford several folios. If you’re a professional photographer & plan on re-selling them to your customers, you’ll want several samples to offer & include them in some portrait packages!

  • Your photos will be secure in a durable and resistant material
  • Get the timeless look & feel of leather without paying for leather
  • Get a variety of options to find what you need

There are many advantages to selecting & using one of our leatherette folios. They’re a perfect piece to store & display a related set of images. They’re a great keepsake for a graduating senior, a perfect grouping for a prenuptial portrait session, a small reunion of friends or family members or beautiful & personal boudoir session. Choosing the perfect folio for any occasion is very easy.

What size folio do you need? 

The majority of our photo folios are made to fit either 4’’ x 5’’ or 4’’ x 6’’ photographs. You then determine how many photographic images you need or want to use. The standard size of folio holds 8 photos. Four in the center section & two on each side of the openings we call ‘’wings.’’ The center section can be ordered with either all four vertical or two vertical & two horizontal. We call this either ‘’V’’ or ‘’VH’’ We have a full section of folios on our website, Photo Gallery choose from. You can get them now at Pro Studio Supply!

Many styles & sizes to choose from!

The majority of our leatherette folios hold eight photos but you can actually choose to hold between 2 photos up to 12 photos. We also feature three different styles for graduating seniors called Commencement, Achievement & Graduate Folios.

The Commencement & Achievement Folios feature the word ‘’SENIOR’’ on the cover in two different font styles. The Graduate folio features a foil embossed graduate certificate & a mortarboard on the inside center section. The ‘’SENIOR’’ style folios feature either a silver, gold or black pinstripe around each mat on the inside that coordinates with the SENIOR printed on the cover. See the details of these folios on our website.

Does it look like real leather material? 

Each folio features a black leatherette soft padded cover that looks just like real leather. You would not want us to use real leather primarily due to cost. We use a special ‘’Bonded Leather’’ that looks & feels like real leather without the high cost. Most people will think it’s leather if you didn’t tell them it wasn’t!

Custom View Folios? 

A very special folio can be purchased from Pro Studio Supply to customize your folios! This is truly a simple procedure which can be explained as follows. The Custom View Folios can be purchased in many options & assembled in many configurations. Choose between 10 different folio covers & a variety of separate mats that can be placed into the folios to build one the way you want. You first select a cover that has nothing inside then, choose from a selection of mats that you place inside to meet your special needs. See the following link for complete details Custom View FoliosCustom View Mats 

Photo Folio Imprinting Personalized Text

Most of the parents & photographers purchasing our folios for graduating seniors like to add an inscription on the front cover to commemorate the date of graduation. We can personalize most folios with the student's name, school name & graduation date in a variety of hot-foil colors & fonts. The most common placement is on the front cover in the lower right-hand corner. Some parents like the inside but this is dependant on the particular folio selected. It’s very important to get the correct details imprinted so we provide a text box for you to fill in the proper information in two lines. Here’s a link for more details. Folio Imprinting.

For a wide array of quality leatherette folios, your one-stop destination should be Pro Studio Supply.


Photographs capture our history and a photo album contains the record of our journey. It’s been said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’’ and the correct color or style background paper in the studio can make or break a perfect photo. Photography has come a long way and there are so many photographers with different styles dedicated to creating personalized portrait photography. No two photographers are alike so the importance of proper lighting and the best photography backdrop or background seamless paper must be properly handled through the use of a background roller system. Due to the different kinds of photography today, each photographer must determine his or her optimal set of tools to achieve the best image.

Photographers understand the importance of a professionally prepared portfolio in order to feature his or her best work. With the ease of becoming a professional photographer these days, so many hobbyists wondering whether they can become full-time. Needless to say, professional photographers require a real skill in order to separate them from the shooters that are just into everyday photographs to upload to various social media accounts.  Due to the simplicity of today’s cameras, the access of so many photo-editing apps and online sharing, it’s in the best interest of the consumer to become more aware of the quality difference between today’s photographers or they will be taken advantage of. Thus, the beginning photographer is being forced to improve their skills before heading into the field.

There are many sources for online courses and schools to improve their knowledge and to sharpen their abilities before venturing into the business. has been serving the wold’s professional photographers for over 50 years. Our web store features everything the skilled professional requires including most forms of photographic packaging, supplies, photography backdrop papers, lighting equipment, and our exclusive background roller systems to best equip everyone. The products are affordable with optimum quality. We’ve always maintained a commitment to building relationships with customers who wish to contact us directly for help and assistance.

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