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How to Pull Off a Great Graduation Photo

It’s now 2016 and in a little less than six months, high schools across America will be spreading congratulations to the senior class of 2016. For many parents, this will be a memory to be cherished. And for those parents who want to go the extra mile, there’s you: the professional photographer.

Traditionally, graduation photography starts now in preparation for the following year. But many new photographers are photographing their seniors for graduation this year. Pro Studio Supply has been providing tailored products for senior graduation photography for over 45 years.

Many new photographers feel that buying these extra props would be a bad investment, but in truth, these props welcome a healthy return on investment by adding more value to every portrait session.

We carry everything from Senior Folios to Tassel Frames, Classic V-Drapes, Senior Number Props and Posing Rocks.

Drapes = Class

Some see drapes as an old fashioned relic. But what a drape does is make everyone equal. It frames the senior’s face without distracting clothing. V-Drapes are often used for class montages, where there are a large number of girls and Pro Studio Supply has been the principal manufacturer since 1968.

I Got Your Number

Graduate Numbers are not for everybody. But if you or your senior’s parents wants them, we’ve got “CutOuts” for everyone. Senior 2016 CutOut Props can be used in front of the senior or anywhere within the photo. These CutOuts are sold in a pair but can be used separately.

Presentation is Key

Grad photos are nothing without a proper presentation. Pro Studio offer a wide variety of Photo Folios and Tassel Frames. The Senior Folios available contain eight poses in a leatherette presentation. Two styles have the word Senior on the cover and can hold up to twelve photo poses. Take advantage of personalizing every folio with the graduate’s name and year. A Tassel Frame contains the graduate’s photo along with room for their graduating tassel to cherish in your household or office. There are several styles of frames to choose for 8x10 or 5x7 photo.

Hard Rock Posers

For studio or location photography, nothing beats the natural look of our rock posing props. They are lightweight, hollow, plastic props with a flat top for sitting and are perfect for a variety of fun poses. Seniors love climbing on top of these realistic rocks and they can be configured into many ways to suit your needs and that of the senior.

With these tools, you can pull together a great graduation photo you can be proud of and that your clients can cherish.