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The Relevance Of Props

The questions arises whether props are still relevant in modern photography. What’s the point of using them? In an age where a portrait has devolved into a selfie, props seem almost obsolete. But that isn’t the case, when it comes to professional portraits.

Purpose of Props

Props add interest to portraits and reflect a person’s personality or appearance. Essentially, anything can be a prop, as long as it creates a scene, enhances a personality trait or relates to a holiday. Say for example, a photographer used our Plexiglas Mirror. It could be used to add another dimension to the portrait, taking the shot from over the subject’s shoulder to focus on the mirror, which holds the subject’s reflection. Props grant character to your subjects.

Uses for Props

Depending on the situation, props can be used to enhance said situation. For couples, special touches like vinyl records can signify “their song” or their dog could emphasize their love for each other. For high school seniors, the subject needs to be seen as coming into adulthood while still retaining the fact that they are still in high school. The best way to show this is to use elements from their time in high school and Graduation Years or Senior; ask your subjects if they are part of any clubs or activities at school such as sports teams or drama clubs and incorporate props apropos to those activities. Props for kids usually entail whatever is handy, something simple like blocks or a baseball glove, depending on the age. We’ve found one of the most popular among our child photographers have been our numerous Hark Rock Props. Props get little use in fashion and street photography, but are useful as framing tools or to make a model look more interesting for the shoot. Give your model a purse or a chic magazine in order to give them something to do while shooting.


This only scratches the surface of what one can do with props in this day and age, proving that props are still relevant. We feature a selection of props here on the site for use by subject of all ages. Feel free to browse!