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Five Pro Tips for Shooting Concerts

Summer is here, ladies and gentlemen. And with it comes warm weather, trips to better shores and, more importantly, music festivals and concerts. Yes, with summer kicked into high gear, music lovers flock to open fields to hear their favorite artists jam out on stage in front of before thousands. Festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Glastonbury tout large crowds and endless obstacles that make it rightly difficult to get the shots you want. But never fear. We’ve talked to professionals to compile five tips for shooting live shows.

       1.     RESEARCH!!! Learn everything you can before start shooting. Know the times, know the stage, know the band.

       2.     Use fast lenses. Stage lighting is very low, which makes it hard to gain sharp pictures. Use a lens with a high shutter speed, like a 50mm lens with a 1.8 f-stop, a cheap lightweight lens built for low lighting conditions.

       3.     Improvise. Way back when, photographers were allowed to bring in all sorts of cameras and equipment. Today, however, DSLRs and the like are verboten for the general public. So instead, be prepared to use your iPhone smartphone or a mirrorless digital camera. They’re small and easy to carry and use.

       4.     More shots, the better. Music is always moving, and so are musicians. Be sure to use a multiple shot mode to get the preferred pictures. More recent smartphones come with this feature already built in.

       5.     Concerning Silhouettes. Silhouettes capture a dramatic tone that can add that extra “oomph” to your photos. Turn off you flash and take a wide shot for best results.

 And there you have it: five tips for shooting concert photography. We can recommend an item that can improve concert photos. Our Selfie Handle can be used to go over your head pointed at the stage. With it’s built-in Blue tooth shutter release you can reach way over the crowd.  As I mentioned in tip three, DSLRs have been drastically limited and strictly regulated. So be prepared to use alternatives. Have a good summer and happy shooting!


Is the Image OK to Use?

You’ve found the perfect image through Google images and for your presentation or post. Before you copy and paste, make sure you can use this photo. You don’t want to discover down the road that the image is owned by someone else who can threaten you with copyright infringement.

Forewarned is forearmed

Thanks to some creative and insightful individuals, it’s snow possible to find the image source and use information with the help of reverse search engines!

These sites work by submitting a chosen image to the site. They then compile a list of sites where that image appears, usually in different sizes. Using this tool saves you from having to deal with the minefield that is the Internet and fair use by getting as close to the source as possible. Save yourself the hassle of a cease and desist order and check out these links! -A popular and widely used engine. Limits at 1 MB. -Uses Google to work, but you’re able to submit multiple images and many other features. -This image works exclusively with Reddit, great for preventing re-posts by digging through all popular Subreddits. -Obviously the most popular search engine on the planet, Google hosts the largest image database in the world. Nuff said.

 Found a cool image that you want to use? Find its source!

Wedding Photography – 5 things that have changed the look and feel.

       Brides are looking for spunk, new and fresh ideas for their wedding photography. A few things add to this. We explored these ideas because as a photographer you must stay on top of the trends.

      1. Viral Photos have caused a popularity contest. If a photo goes viral it must be good right? Or at least a new look. Take a look at these pre wedding photos that went viral in Tibet. They will end up being ageless.

      2. The Story that accompanies the photo is just as important now. In this story, it was a funny story that was taken badly publicly. The couple responded with kindness and love. That love and kindness resulted in even more photos being taken professionally.

      3. Selfies everyone loves the selfie look. Selfies have made their way into being a ‘’moment’’ for professionals to photograph. In fact, it might even be hard to not get at least one professional picture of selfies being made, as seen here.

      4. Social Media means instant sharing. Can you, as the photographer, provide a process for that? If you did, you might be a step ahead on sales points. Consider a simple cell phone being passed around a wedding to have all those pictures in one spot.

      5. Personalities are original and unique. People in general want to let their colors shine. Those same people want that personality to show through in their wedding photos.

All five of these items require is to adapt to the ever-changing bride. The days of truly classic posing is gone or drastically reduced. Recently and accidentally a picture became a sensation. It was tilted and one that many would have deleted. It cuts off part of the arms of the wedding party. The Happy Couple loved it. This could very well be the next trend. Either way, what we, as photographers, consider right or correct photos is not always what the bride and groom want.


Filters and the Four Surprising Affects They Have

Did you know that filters are being studied? Instagram has changed how we view pictures, part of that is because of filters. Arizona State University has been studying filters for over a year now. Filters dramatically change how people react to pictures. Some of us remember the days of screw on filters to add star bursts or warming effects, not to mention the multitudes of other filters available.

Here’s what we found in the studies. Serious photographers use filters to correct a problem.  Casual users use the filters to make pictures appear more artificial. My own experience is that there is a group of “serious” photographers who use filters to enhance photos in a creative way while not going too far. Things get interesting when you look at how viewers react. Pictures with filters used tend to get more interaction and reaction.

      Four things happen.

     1. There is a positive reaction to the warmth factor.

     2. Viewers seem to feel these photos have fewer flaws.

     3. Surprisingly, the “new” look of these photos is well received.

     4. People feel like the photo has a more professional look.

Here at Pro Studio Supply, we carry one of the most unique software with unlimited filter options, Tiffen’s FX Digital Filter Suite. It starts with 94 different filters and a host of other applications that can revolutionize your photography. Think about having digital gels, multiple layers of multiple filters or even making your client a cartoon for something fun. We know that filters are not new. The “new” idea behind filters is that they are better understood. Moreover, people like the look.

The idea that filters are being studied might be amusing to the seasoned photographer. One thing can be said as a professional photographer you can use filters to stand out from the crowd that has not yet embraced the digital filter.