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Senior Picture Season

       We spent some time on different social media outlets to see what was happening with Senior pictures in 2015. We found some varying results. We at Pro Studio Supply thought we could keep you informed of our findings. It’s very important that photographers stay current on shooting styles or info or get lost in the shuffle.

       1. Outdoor shoots are the majority of pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. We found two looks on Twitter that surprised us. The first was a variety of fancy dresses. Some appeared to come right out of a wedding magazine. The other was a highly personalized look. Props are pretty much the same and used frequently in pictures. Overall, the vast majority of pictures on Pinterest were all taken outdoors.

       2. A more traditional headshot was more prominent on Instagram. The posing of the senior was also more traditional. Overall the pictures had less quality for technicalities and composition. The pictures on Instagram were also far more casual.

You have to decide as the photographer if you will offer indoor and outdoor pictures. There is an argument to be made that both can be appropriate. If you want pictures that capture personality and the life of a senior outdoors is probably the way to go. Those same pictures, however, may not meet the requirements of the school to be included in the yearbook.

The most consistently purchased prints are still Wallets! We offer a real variety of types that all parents love to have and use. There’s a los a great variety Wallet Sized Keychains to choose from. They help remind everybody of their Sr. the way they were. Most parents we’ve encountered want some senior pictures to highlight these important milestones.

Consider Instagram as a place to post those pictures that you have a release for. It does seem that Pinterest might be a hard way to reach new clients by the looks of the pictures and the volume, but it needs to be in your mix of SEO. Instagram is not the same, entirely, and might be a great way to reach more clients. Remember, tagging the senior and your city with senior pictures will get them seen by the parents and people you need more business from on Instagram.

Client Retention and Loyalty

Do you reward your clients for returning?  If you do, bravo! If you do not, you should consider what’s the best way for you.  The most obvious is to always encourage your client to come back. Do something more like send them a free print with a thank you goes a long way towards loyalty. It also has the added benefit of encouraging prints to be made.

Thinking outside the box is important, however.  Offering free downloads is great idea. Allowing the client to share the album on social media rather than downloading the pictures allows traffic back to your website. Many of the portfolio websites do allow for the sharing of an album in such a way as to gain that traffic back to your website. You can easily offer to do that for your clients as a part of a loyalty program feature.

Discounts on prints are another way to encourage referrals and return clients. Clients like to feel valued and cared for. It is important to remember that photography is a highly personal item to people.

Being loyal to your clients is also important. I make sure to inquire on big happenings after the fact. Many clients will talk about the things going on in life during a shoot. I like to ask when delivering the finals a few questions about how those things are going. Example: A client that’s talking about a promotion should be asked how it went the next time you speak to them.  Or a client that mentions an up-coming celebration should be asked if it was a great event as they anticipated.

Why the Selfie Might Help the Photographer Out

This generation of “selfie” photographers has dynamically changed the landscape of photos. People are once again in love with photos of themselves. Moms who did not take the time before to take pictures are now.

This renewed interest in photos is a boon to photographers who choose to maximize this idea. Be creative! Figure out a way to encourage those same Moms or people in general to understand why a professional picture might be a nice luxury.

Imagine this; a side by side photo of yourself; one professional and one as a selfie, which will have more impact? Further only one of these says I love myself enough to do something special for my family. One says we are worth more and the other says we are worth a quick fix.

Yes, it is an indulgence in this day and age to have a professional portrait done of yourself or your family. Your client’s and potential clients are worth it. You just need to find a way to visually show them they are worth it. Think to your own Facebook pages. People who take the step to have a professional picture get more likes, comments and shares.

Think about how different the professional picture looks now. In the day and age of no selfies all the personal pictures looked somewhat similar. They were either a snapshot or professional. Now in this day and age your work STANDS out. Use that to your advantage.Check out this great Smartphone Selfie Stick NEW at Pro Studio!

Remember, after you do the shoot, remind your clients to PRINT there pictures and treat is as an indulgence!

Thank you Jodie at Studio J Images in MN. A very special customer of mine!