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The BUSINESS & Business XL is designed to transport just about anything. Being as light as 12½ lbs and only 2'' wide when folded, this cart quickly transforms into a strong multi-talent, carrying up to 275 lbs. Its big platform offers space for camera cases, equipment and even your office desk!

The Business measures:
29'' high; 19'' width; 2'' thick; Platform 19'' x 16'' Weighs 13lbs

The Business XL measures:
27'' high; 19'' width; 2'' thick; Platform 19'' x 10'' Weighs 12.5lbs

• Extremely Space Saving – Only 2'' thick when folded – thus this cart fits easily into every niche including tool cabinets, work vans and even into already full trunks.

• Ready for Use within Seconds – The platform and wheels fold and unfold together with only one move. Quick unfolding of the ergonomic handle into the locking position - ensuring simple and comfortable operation. The Business Line is ready to use in less than 5 seconds.

• Strong as an Ox – Small cart - big capacity. With a load capacity of 275 lbs, the Business fulfills all requirements for professional applications. This is possible due to the perfect combination of glas-fiber re-enforced synthetics, aluminum toe plate and steel tubes.

• Even better Handling – The ergonomic handle, made of soft synthetics, makes the operation even more easy and comfortable.

• Secure Transport – ...with the "Spannfix" Load Securing System. No matter if the load is round or angled, big or small - with this unique system, consisting of an anchor bar and fastening strap, every load can be fixed perfectly on the trolley. Easy, effective, secure.

• Puncture Safe Tires – Wheels with roller bearings and a tread made of polymer combine the advantages of pneumatic and solid rubber tires: high comfort even on uneven ground, no problem at curbs and stairs and the puncture safety of solid rubber tires.

• Convinient Rolling Function – The carts can be rolled into niches in folded condition, due to outstanding wheels.

• 3rd Version  – The RuXXac carts are frequently improved and developed further based on feedback from customers. This Business cart is the 3rd Version of the original RuXXac cart and features, for example, a more durable gear system to ensure a very long lifetime.

RuXXac Cart Business Model #2234-51V3 $99.99
RuXXac Cart Business XL Model #2234-71V3 $129.99 

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