Digital FX Border Templates

Item #: DEB
Our Price: $39.00


Add a touch of class to any image with a digital border. This technique, while many years old, has been known by many names which describe the effect: Sloppy Borders, Edge Effects, Painted Edge, Splash Border. Adding one or more borders to a portrait image adds drama and draws the viewer to the subject. This CD contains 35 individual borders that can be used as is, over your digital portrait or transformed in Photoshop to better fit your subject image size. Each border uses the ''Paste-Into'' function to place the portrait into the border. We also include a 36th image on the CD that demonstrates a montage of 5 Digital FX borders on one 8x10. This lets you add multiple effects to any image to build a montage or a gallery of images to your final print.
Digital FX Template CD with 36 border images and instructions for $39.00.